Heathrow Is Selling Everything From Terminal 1 In A Planely Brilliant Auction

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


As jumble sales go, Heathrow Airport’s effort is a flight of fancy.

Do you ever look around your living room and think “something is missing here, but I can’t quite put my finger on it”? Well, we think we’ve found the answer, and you won’t need to slog out to IKEA to get it either. To make a big statement in your living space, why not pick up a daringly modern baggage carousel, or a sumptuously sleek check-in desk? We’ve planely gone a little wacky, but it’s only because Heathrow is auctioning off all the contents of the old Terminal 1.


The terminal closed down three years ago, and has been standing empty ever since. But Heathrow have decided the time is ripe for a bit of spring cleaning, so everything is now up for sale. On April 21st, information boards, chairs, signage, and even security cameras will go under the hammer. Got to be quick with those bids though, because you’ll be up against former staff, other airports, and aviation enthusiasts with money to burn.


Other items of interest include a huge mural, and, for the paranoid amongst you, security scanners. Stick that at the exit of your house party, and no-one is making off with the leftover booze, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, the truly lazy can purchase a travelator, install it in their home, and make walking a thing of the past!


If I’d been consulted, I would have said keep it all in place and turn it into a completely badass club. Think about it – you add some lights, rig up a sound system, turn the baggage carousels into bars, and have people throw out shapes on the escalators. Give it a name like Altitude or Terminal, and you’ve got West London’s best dancehall, no problem. But I guess this is nice too.

Heathrow’s big auction takes place on April 21st at the Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotel. If you miss that, they’ll hold a series of online auctions afterwards to flog the rest. Find out more and check in (haha) for the auction here.

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