Harry Potter Fans! London Is Getting Its Very Own Forbidden Forest

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Harry Potter Fans! London Is Getting Its Very Own Forbidden Forest

Aaaaand it’s another Quaffle through the hoop for Londoners’ that love Harry Potter! In just over a year Harry Potter fans have certainly had their chocolate frog and eaten it. London’s seen The Cursed Child take to the stage (even if many of us have struggled to get tickets… ), a free wizarding world-themed gallery open in Soho, news of a brand new Potter exhibition at the British Library and now we’re getting our very own Forbidden Forest. OK, so it’s not just going to appear in Hyde Park or anything – the forest scene will be located in the Warner Bros Studio Tour.

Opening on 31st March, this permanent expansion of the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Watford, will allow muggles to immerse themselves within the full-sized enchanted trees and encounter magical creatures of the forest, including the rather wonderful Buckbeak. Unfortunately, we don’t think this Buckbeak flies, which is my plan for the next tube strike ruined.

Bad news for the arachnophobes amongst you, as Aragog will also be lurking in the not-so off-limits forest. You can book tickets to see the new exhibition here.

In other Potter-related news, do you remember when this uber-witty Capital Radio presenter dished out the wizarding puns in her weather report? It’s mighty impressive. 

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