There Is, Of Course, A Gin Run In London

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Gin Run London

Combine the noble and the naughty with this guided run for gin lovers.

Weekends are way too short if you ask me. On the one hand, there are so many wholesome things to do: yoga, avocados, markets, galleries, maybe some actual laundry. On the other hand, there’s the siren call of the sesh, sleeping in ’til 2pm and MaccyD’s on UberEATS.

Luckily, Secret London Runs have managed to balance yin and yang with their excellent London gin run.

Gin Run London

It’s a wholesome, guided 10k run through London, taking in many gin-related locations, and with some neat historical gin knowledge dropped by you guide you go. After working up a thirst, your run will conclude at a proper old-school gin palace, where a refreshing G&T will await, the first one of which on the house! (A craft beer run is also available along similar lines, while their titillating ‘sex run’ starts on Cock Lane, takes in London locations with a raunchy past and rewards runners with prosecco.)

It’s the perfect daytime jolly for any lush on a self-improvement mission, whether you’re training for the ludicrous Pizza 5k or one of London’s major running events later in 2018. and there are a variety of dates now available to book. There are also different ‘speeds’ of run available, depending on your current level of fitness, from ‘relaxed’ to ‘speedy.’ Tickets from £24.

Book now: Gin Run / Craft Beer Run / Sex & The City Run.

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