A Giant Beer Village Is Coming To London Next Week!

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

A Giant Beer Village Is Coming To London Next Week!

The team that brought us London Cocktail Week are back and they’re bringing us…. well, beer, funnily enough. Boozy masterminds, DrinkUp.London, have big plans in store for Beer Week and we’re hopping with excitement. After all, what could be better than a 7-day celebration of beer? (Not that we need to officially mark that occasion, it’s something we do on the daily).

Now in its third year, London Beer Week promises to be bigger, better and beerier. There’ll be more beer, more breweries, more parties… and probably a lot more drunken fun. Oh and, at £3 a pint, us Londoners are laughing (and cheering, and chugging, and begging for it to be London Beer Week every week…)!

Between the 16th and 18th March, The Oval Space in east London will be transformed into a giant Beer Village, showcasing a tonne of different ales and lagers, throwing epic boozy parties and serving up delicious food. The Beer Edit will be far from a boring trade show, and there’ll be no snarky snobbery. (In other words, you won’t be judged for sticking to a standard ole’ lager). Although some of the big boys in beer will be making an appearance, there’ll also be a lot of smaller, craftier beers for you to try. There’ll even be some *last chance* items, including the last ever kegs of Damson Plum Sour and Nitro Coffee Stout!

Although the Beer Edit is only over 3 days, London Beer Week will stay true to its name and be celebrated for a full 7 days (don’t panic, nobody’s tricking you out of beer time). There’ll be rickshaw beer tours, St Patrick’s Day parties and lots of general hop-worshipping.

Tickets for the Beer Edit at Oval Space, and all of the other London Beer Week events are available here.

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