Get Lucky With Rebel Bingo At Waterloo’s Vaults

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Rebel Bingo

The rebellious masters of the random numbers are back at the Vaults.

The Mecca Bingo chain has the corporate tagline ‘We know the feeling!’
Gala Bingo goes with a chirpy ‘Play happy!’
Rebel Bingo’s is just ‘FUCK ALL HATERS.’

Since the Rebel gang first added beats, booze and bling to their ‘highly emotional’ form of bingo back in 2009, they’ve put on their madcap parties across London and as far afield as Los Angeles and Ibiza.

Rebel Bingo

Now they’ve returned to where it all began, the cavernous vaults beneath Waterloo. Beneath these brickwork arches, they’ve been shamelessly perverting your gran’s fave gambling pastime and turned it into something altogether more… intense.

Rebel Bingo
Photo: Rebel Bingo

In their words, it’s like ‘doing a Sodoko puzzle on a rollercoaster, while touching yourself.’ A tour of their Instagram hashtag reveals an irresistibly energetic bloke screaming ‘Who wants to win… an UMBRELLA WITH LITTLE FUCKIN’ LIGHTS IN ITTTTTTTTTT?” while the crowd goes absolutely wild.

Photo: Rebel Bingo
Photo: Rebel Bingo

That’s right, you too could win £7.50, a stuffed panda, a ludicrous trophy, or even, yes, an umbrella with little fuckin’ lights on it. And Rebel Bingo is completely legal, unlike touching yourself on a rollercoaster. What’s not to like?

We’ve got tickets to the final night of Rebel Bingo this Friday night, Nov 10: get yours here, you little rebel!

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