How To Get Free Fizzy Rosé Delivered To You This Wednesday

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Rose delivery

Silly us – we thought frosé meant frozen rosé. But this Wednesday, kids, it means free rosé!

And the best bit is, you don’t even need to go anywhere. That’s because it’s all a charming publicity stunt for delivery firm Quiqup, who will bring your ice-cold booze straight to your location.

ice rose

Essentially, at 2pm on August 16th, you can get a frosty bottle of chilled Freixenet ICE Rosé, along with ‘a beautiful wine glass, ice cubes and a punnet of berries to garnish and add a little extra fruity flavour.’ Quipup have got exactly 100 of them to give away, and to claim yours, well, it’s just a matter of opening their app and ordering it as usual from the ‘Drinks’ section. Fastest fingers first, people.

If you’re one of the quickest hundred, they promise you’ll get your delivery within the hour, leaving you to pour out the bubbles for your workmates and become that day’s Office Legend.

Seems simple then. Get the app ready, set an alarm on your phone, have a free drink. Race you!

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