TfL Have Renamed Southgate Tube Station (And Yes, It’s Exactly What You’re Thinking)

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Gareth Southgate station

Alright, hands up who guessed Gareth Southgate station?

Well, anyone with their hand up right now is right: TfL have given Southgate station, way up at the end of the Piccadilly Line, a cheeky little rebrand. Following En-ger-land’s almost, could they, it’s coming, ah well better luck next time World Cup campaign, TfL have renamed the tube station in honour of the team’s waistcoat-wearing impresario. Until Tuesday evening, North Londoners will be hopping on the tube at Gareth Southgate station.

Gareth Southgate station
Photo: @southgatesols

It’s a fitting tribute to a man who made a nation believe, and also sent waistcoat sales skyrocketing. Unfortunately, because England couldn’t quite muster a win, the change is only in place on selected signs until Tuesday evening. By which point, we’ll have presumably forgotten all about this football business and gone back to complaining about the weather. It’s coming home (to the Piccadilly Line).

Featured image: @TfL

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