Grab A Free Gin And Tonic From An Old Street Vending Machine

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Gin and tonic vending machine

Free gin and tonic is just too good to be true, surely?

Well, thanks to this PR stunt, it’s not! Craft distillers LoneWolf, from the people behind BrewDog, have installed a gin and tonic vending machine at Old Street. And in return for some shameless Twitter promotion, they’ll give you one for free. All you need to do is tweet @LoneWolfSpirits, using the hashtag #TheWolfOfOldStreet. Once you’ve successfully spammed your followers (we’re sure they’ll understand!), show it to the on-site security team, and receive your token for a free G&T. Just like the gin parlours of old London, but with 100% more Twitter. (See more free things to do in London.)

Gin Tonic London

As with all free things, this is a limited-time offer, however. The free G&Ts are only available from 12:30-10pm today, and 12:30-5pm tomorrow, in Old Street underground station. If you have reservations about cocktails in a can, always remember that it’s by no means the worst thing that could emerge from a hole in the wall of a dimly-lit tube station

Lone Wolf Gin Tonic

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