Forecasters Issue Official Snow Warning For London This Weekend

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Snow Weather London

The Beast from the East is back – and London could be hit by more snowy weather.

Update: the Met Office have upgraded their weather forecast to a more serious Amber Warning. Stay safe out there!

While it’s been a positively spring-y 12℃ for the past few days, a few million tons of freezing Scandinavian air are set to come London’s way this weekend, with temperatures plummeting to as low as -2℃ on Saturday and Sunday, and ‘bitter northeasterly winds’ only adding to the fun. [Photo: Erica Morello]

Such cold temperatures are likely to lead to snow showers and ice underfoot, according to forecasts from the Met Office. They’ve issued all-day weather warnings for both Saturday and Sunday – since raised to an ‘amber’ level – warning of possible transport difficulties across much of England.

Weather Warning Snow London AMBER

While Friday’s weather shouldn’t be too cold, it will barely get above freezing all weekend. Snow showers are predicted to be heaviest in the small hours of Sunday morning, with ‘accumulations likely’, so hurry home from the pub on Saturday if you want to avoid getting locked in. (Then again, that doesn’t sound so bad…)

Snowy London

Photo: Alisdare Hickson

Things will slowly warm up early next week, with temperatures recovering into the double digits by Thursday. Until then, wrap up warm!

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