Inside The Fab Free Art Exhibition You Need To Visit This November

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Everything At Once Store Studios 180 The Strand London Ryoji Ikeda

Go see Everything At Once at 180 The Strand, the free show on until December 10.

Store Studios, just off Aldwych, is currently playing host to Everything At Once, a major London art exhibition from The Vinyl Factory and Lisson Gallery. It’s free, and it is full of deliciously glitchy, twitchy art that’s going to break your brain just the right amount. Here are a few of the biggest pieces… [Featured image: @philiplipliplip]

In a pitch-black room on the ground floor is Ryodi Ikeda’s Test Pattern № 12, a giant surface of glitchy strobing barcode stripes synchronised to a cacophony of digital bleeps, squeaks and screeches. It is a helluva thing, like uploading yourself to the internet, and absolutely not for the photosensitive or hungover.

Around the corner, Virgil Abloh and Ben Kelly’s ‘Ruin’ pieces together ‘abandoned nightclubs, iconic discos and cut-ups of dance music history’ into one marvellous installation.

Ben Kelly Ruin Store Studios
Photo: @saradunnstyle

Or check out Jeremy Shaw‘s faux-documentary Liminals about a group of eight dancers trying to save humanity by chucking themselves about with ecstatic abandon.

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Upstairs, you can sit in the dark with Channels, by Susan Hiller. In comparison: almost relaxing!

Susan Hiller Channels
Photo: @lucrump

Or cruise down a never-ending motorway journey with Julian Opie.

Julian Opie

And gaze into Anish Kapoor‘s enormous bowler hat At The Edge of The World, a very peaceful but ultimately quite troubling optical illusion which obliterates your depth perception with a the colour-of-the-inside-of-your-eyelids that I imagine is similar to what you see when you die.

Anish Kapoor At the Edge Of The World
Photo: @natgrav

And in a tent on the roof (which is weirdly difficult to locate) there’s video montage ‘Love Is The Message And The Message Is Death’, the Kanye-sountracked ‘crucial ode to black America’ by Arthur Jafa.

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Everything At Once is on at 180 Strand, until December 10, 12pm-7pm Tues-Sat, and 12pm-6pm Sun, closed Mondays.

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