Duck Doughnuts And Burnt Toast Cocktails? Duck And Waffle Are Opening A Second Restaurant!

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Duck Doughnuts And Burnt Toast Cocktails? Duck And Waffle Are Opening A Second Restaurant!

It’s the restaurant in the sky that everyone wants to go to, with that breakfast view that’s been Instagrammed countless times. But now, Duck & Waffle is getting a little sister and it’s a lot more down to earth. (We’re talking literally because this one’s not up in the clouds)!

Duck & Waffle Local will be opening in the newly renovated St. James’ Market and will offer customers a more casual and speedy service. And good news! It’s going to be a lot more cost-friendly and even offer a takeaway service for those of us in a hurry. They’re not quite open for 24 hours like the original Duck & Waffle, but they will be open from early in the morning till very late at night (so it’s pretty close). 

Duck & Waffle Local will be all about local, seasonal ingredients cooked in a rustic and speedy way. That means new items such as The Duck Burger with crispy duck leg, and even a Duck Jam Doughnut. Is it sweet? Is it savoury? Who knows? Who cares? It sounds bloody delicious.

If you’re a fan of the original restaurant, you’ll be pleased to hear they’re keeping some signature dishes, including the BBQ Spiced & Seasoned Crackling Pigs Ears and the Full Elvis, a peanut butter, jelly and waffle concoction with vanilla cream and caramelised bananas.

Duck & Waffle Local is all about the speedy service so why not throw cocktails into the mix? Yes, you heard us correctly. Their ‘Taps and Tails’ menu will offer customers unique on-tap cocktails that have been expertly mixed and designed. Of course, there will be beers and wine on offer as well, but why wouldn’t you want to wash down your burger with a burnt toast-infused Breakfast Fizz?

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Duck & Waffle Local opens on 3rd May at St. James’ Market. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook for more updates.

52 Haymarket, No 2, St. James’s Market, London, SW1Y 4RP

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