Coffee On Toast? Yeah That’s Right, Espresso Spread Is Actually A Thing!

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

Coffee On Toast? Yeah That’s Right, Espresso Spread Is Actually A Thing!

Coffee lovers, spread lovers, eating-spreads-straight-out-of-the-jar-with-a-spoon lovers… get ready for your lives to change. If you’re currently stuck in the familiar routine of waking up and heading straight for a) the kettle, b) the coffee machine or c) Pret, all with a quick slice of toast in hand, then listen up. Yeah, it’s all fairly dandy scoffing toast and pausing every few bites to take a sip of your Cappuccino, but what if you could have coffee on toast instead of coffee and toast?



In celebration of UK Coffee Week, Flat Brew have teamed up with Selfridges to launch London’s newest (and in our opinion, coolest) craze, Espresso Spread. It’s creamy, it’s caffeiney and it’s really rather brilliant. A delightful mix of coffee, cocoa butter, sugar and cream. Spread it on your toast, your croissants, your crumpets… or just skip the canvas and eat it straight from the spoon. But let us warn you, it’s incredibly moreish (and it’s certainly not healthy).


Eating 9g of the stuff is the same as drinking a shot of Espresso, so at the rate you’ll be scoffing it, you’ll be buzzing by 10am.

It’s launching in Selfridges as part of UK Coffee Week next week, but you can also find it at London Coffee Festival this weekend (6-9th April).  

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