Cocktails And Fromage! This London Restaurant Is Filling Us With Joie De Vivre

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Cocktails And Fromage! This London Restaurant Is Filling Us With Joie De Vivre

Cocktails, croissants, canard, charcuterie, Chambord and chèvre chaud. The French are very good at Cs.

Let us introduce you to London’s chic and cheerful new restaurant in the heart of Paris… sorry, Bloomsbury. Easy mistake. Bon Vivant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, meaning they have everything from croissants and café au lait, to steak and sauvignon.


If you’re heading there for dinner, we recommend starting your evening with a Dirty Pink; Bon Vivant‘s signature cocktail packed with gin, Chambord, lemon, sugar syrup and egg white. Then, once you’re feeling suitably tipsy, we’d push you in the direction of the Planche de Charcuterie (which literally translates to ‘a board of meat’), the Salade de Chèvre Chaud (warm goat’s cheese salad) and the Salmon Marinee (cured salmon with pickled vegetables and crème-fraîche). A délicieux start to your meal, we promise.


For the main event there is grand amount of choice; ranging from the classic Magret de Canard and Bavette Steak, to Fresh Tagliatelle and delicious fish dishes. We tried the Rib Eye and the Bavette Steak, which go perfectly with Bon Vivant’s signature (that’s not strictly true but it should be) Dauphinois Potatoes. Seriously, do not underestimate that last statement. For dessert, which subsequently left us in a debilitating food coma, we had a Melt-in-the-Middle Chocolate Fondant (honestly, it was the epitome of ‘food porn’) and an Earl Grey Creme Brulèe. Yes, we’ll repeat, an Earl Grey Creme Brulèe.


Charmaine Abomnes, owner and génie behind Bon Vivant, has truly smashed it with the French chic, and has encapsulated everything it means to be French. The interior is très bon; transporting you straight to a beautiful French brasserie (in actual France). Trust us, if you’re looking for the perfect place to shout “Bon Appétit!” both loudly and proudly, it is here.

Allez allez allez! 

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