Cocktail Masterclass: A History of Gin and Rum

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Cocktail Masterclass: A History of Gin and Rum

This is an event we simply had to shout about. Usually £65, suave bar Merchant House run the Empire Cocktail Masterclass once a month for just £20. Why? Simply because this class is for a set time (7pm tomorrow), while the full-price event is more flexible. Recently, we were invited down to Merchant House to have a nose around, so naturally we asked about the masterclass. The response? ‘It’s a fascinating insight into the British Empire’s historic alcohol trade. And it’s pretty boozy.’

On attendance, Merchant House struck me as one of those Tardis-like London bars. Or Mary Poppins’ bag, if you like. Bigger on the inside. Navigating past the street drinkers of the Golden Fleece pub, you’ll only catch a glimpse of the hidden entrance to this sultry city gem. When you duck into the underground bar, you’ll notice that, actually, it’s a rather big space, and a rather nice one too, bedecked with vintage trinkets and warm mahogany. You might even head back upstairs for a quick summer spritz from Merchant House’s new pop-up bar, just to take the edge off.

Merch House
[Merchant House]
And what about the cocktail masterclass? It’s designed to highlight the intertwining trade histories of gin and rum in the British Empire, and demonstrate how important one has been to the other. As such, samples  of both will be at the very forefront of the class. In other words, it’s the alcohol-fuelled history lesson you’ve always dreamed of, but never had the luck of experiencing. To get involved, you can join the list with events app Fever, before it closes at 12-noon tomorrow. Enter the reward code SECRETMERCH in the app for a further £5 off with Secret London, to attend for a unique price of £15.






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