All Of The Christmas Coffees, Ranked From Worst To Best

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All Of The Christmas Coffees, Ranked From Worst To Best

I toyed with the idea of naming this article ‘I Tried All Of The Christmas Coffees And Now I’m Never Going To Afford A House’, as a topical nod to the theory that all millennials are idiots for spending money on caffeine instead of saving for a home. But the way I see it, a mortgage isn’t going to happen for me either way, so I may as well enjoy a Gingerbread Latte while I rent, forever and ever and ever.

? me when people tell me to stop buying coffee

So I have spent the past week or so trying out every single one of the Christmas coffees from Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero and Pret, just so I can tell you all about them. “Why on earth would you do such a thing, Georgie?”, I hear you ask. Well, folks, it gave me a bizarre sense of purpose as I handed over £3.75 every morning to these Coffee Giants, thus fuelling their Christmas campaigns and encouraging our lovely elders’ opinions of 20-somethings as “the idiots who spend more money on pointless things, rather than investing in their futures”. I hold my hands up. I am the stereotype. I simply cannot resist a good Salted Caramel Latte and I will not be shamed.


12. Costa’s Billionaire’s Latte, 2/10


Firstly, the woman who made me this drink called it a ‘lart’, and if I’ve learnt anything from writing this article—besides the fact that I really should have spent my money more productively—it’s that you should never trust anybody who calls a latte a ‘lart’ to make you a latte.

I thought I’d mistakenly been handed a regular latte with a bit of whipped cream on top, and it wasn’t until I reached the end of my drink that I realised, nope! The caramel had in fact just drooped to the bottom of the cup. 2/10, had its chance and blew it.

11. Caffe Nero’s Clementine Latte, 2.5/10

I didn’t have high hopes for this one to be fair. Clementine? In a coffee? But, you know, I had to try them all in order to make a fair judgement. And hey! Don’t worry! I drank it so that you don’t have to. And seriously, don’t. 

10. Pret’s Minced Pie Flat White, 3.5/10

This is what you’ll be mumbling as you sip on your Festive Flat White. Booooooo ?

Of course it’s a flat white. “Oooh, we’re Pret and we’re trying to be edgy”. Doesn’t taste anything like a mince pie and didn’t even come in a festive cup – CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! About as Christmassy as lying on a beach in the Maldives wearing a Hawaiian shirt, 3.5/10.

9. Costa’s Salted Caramel Cappuccino, 4.8/10


The epitome of ‘meh’. Not a latte love for this one. (Also it’s literally not a latte – maybe that’s where it’s going wrong?).

8. Starbucks’ Gingerbread Latte, 6/10

This is a fine, festive drink… until you’re swallowing lumps of soggy biscuit and questioning your life choices. I’ll give it a 6/10, but ditch the biscuit.

7. Caffe Nero’s Hazelnut Latte, 6.5/10

Not quite as good as the Starbucks one, but there’s nut much in it.

6. Starbucks’ Toffee Nut Latte, 7/10


Sweet as a nut. Think Nutella mixed with coffee… and you’re kinda, sorta, nearly imagining what this will taste like.

5. Starbucks’ Eggnog Latte, 7.5/10

To be honest, I didn’t even know what eggnog really was until about 20 seconds before I wrote this (don’t judge me, I never had it as a child). But whatever it is, I now feel happy, toasty and really bloody festive! Nice work, eggnog. You really eggcelled yourself.

4. Costa’s Gingerbread Latte, 8/10


This one gets a solid 8/10, mostly because it comes with a cute lil gingerbread man.

3. Costa’s Honeycomb Latte, 8.5/10


Just the right balance of caffeine and Christmas. 8.5/10, would drink all year round.

2. Caffe Nero’s Gingerbread Latte, 8.7/10


A proper gingerbread latte. As a wise man once said, “it’s like Christmas in a cup”.

? And the winner is… ?

1. Caffe Nero’s Salted Caramel Latte, 9/10

Caffe Nero’s Salted Caramel Latte ain’t no average Joe. Caffe Nero, if you’re reading this, can we please go for a coffee and discuss you getting this put on the menu permanently? Ta.


So, lovely readers, don’t go wasting your hard-earned cash on sh*tty Mince Pie Flat Whites. Next time you throw your life away in favour of a hot festive beverage, make sure it’s at least Secret London approved.

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