London Is Getting A Chicken Nugget Festival (Update: Maybe Not)

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Chicken Nugget Festival

Say yes to nugs.

Update: an eagle-eyed reader points out that the organisers have already cancelled their Bristol event under mysterious circumstances and that it doesn’t appear on the London venue website at all. APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION. 

Greetings! The random idea generator known as Late Capitalism has generated yet another shareable occasion! Today, it’s… [checks notes]… a Chicken Nugget ‘Festival’. At Infernos. In Clapham. Good lord.

It’s a five-hour night-time party, aimed at anyone with a penchant for the golden mystery poultry lumps. Mmm… nuggets.


It’s being organised by ‘The Nug Life’, whose track record is unclear but do offer the tag line: ‘Nugget Appreciation Society: Nugget Memes, Nugget Events, Nugget Life’. They’re promising free chicken nuggets on arrival, nugget stalls for additional top-ups, a nugget-based eating contest with a ‘nugget-encrusted crown’ to be won, ‘giant floating nugget decor’ (???), a ‘nugget themed photo area’ (?!) and of the inevitable ‘DJs playing party anthems.’

(The word ‘nugget’ starts to feel a bit weird when you read it over and over again.)

Why not dress up for the occasion with this fantastic t-shirt?

Chicken Nugget T Shirt

Tickets are £10, plus a booking fee; it could be good but for the same price you could instead order 46 Chicken Nuggets from MaccyD’s and eat them all while you sit in your pants, so the choice is yours!

It takes place on Friday, August 24 at 10pm. Details here.

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