Carb Yourself Down! 5 Indulgent Dishes To Solve 5 ‘Very London’ Problems

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Bad day? Take the weight off your shoulders (and put it in your stomach), because nothing makes us feel better than a satisfied tum.


Problem 1: You forgot to set your alarm, meaning  you woke up late. And of course, the tubes are late. You curse London and the people you scramble past, who are, like you, late. You eventually get to work, sweating. And then your stomach growls, because you’re late feeding it too. 

Carb Cure: You need a quick carb fix to make up for lost time. Think like a New Yorker (street-stall style) and grab a bagel from Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery. Or have a look at our other favourite bagel places to see where’s good near you.


Problem 2: You went to work and you didn’t have time to shower. You don’t smell utterly horrendous, but as you sit there uncomfortably feeling yesterday’s musk, your paranoia increases and you wonder if your work colleagues have noticed. 

Carb Cure:chocolate-oozing rich brownie (we’d always go for a Bad Brownie). The cocoa goodness will waft around the office and cover any hint of a stench. People at work will look over with bitter jealousy, while you will munch down on a piece of gooey heaven. It’s a win-win.

[Bad Brownie]

Problem 3: Wardrobe Malfunction! You’ve manage to jam your zipper. It’s stuck and you can’t get your trousers off. There’s no one around to help you out of them and a decent pair of scissors are impossible to find. You have no idea if you’ll ever be freed – and you’re bound to need the toilet soon…

Carb Cure: The only logical way to get out of this situation is to eat so much that your trousers eventually give way and rip off. You need something more-ish – something you can’t stop eating. You need a large dish of delicious lasagna. If it’s a Sunday, you’re in luck – make your way over to Lonzo in Hackney, where an all-you-can-eat lasagna feast will sure to burst open those trousers in no time. If it’s not a Sunday then sorry – it looks like you’ll be stuck for a while.


Problem 4: Your Instagram is looking a little boring and lacking in pictures of glorious meals.  You feel deprived of likes, friends and love (oh how we hate this crazy social-media driven world). Nevertheless, it could do with brightening up.

Carb Cure: #Waffles; stacks upon stacks of waffles (conveniently shaped like a hashtag ###) covered in colourful toppings and gooey sauce. Because who wouldn’t ‘like’ that. Oh, and you get to actually eat it. Here’s a selection of the fluffiest waffles in London


Problem 5: You’ve spent too much money this month (again) and have promised yourself to make pack lunches everyday for work… but last night you were too busy catching up on The Apprentice to stay on top of your lunch game. But it’s reached that 12.30pm dip, you’re starting to get hungry and need to find something cheap (and delicious). 

Carb Cure: A well-stuffed sandwich that’s under £4. Ok, so it’s not as cheap as a Tesco’s meal deal, but it’s far more satisfying. An investment for your tastebuds, if you will. Head down to Borough Market for Brindisa’s famous Chorizo sandwich. Or check out these other mouth-watering options… 

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