You Can Now Buy Vegan Baileys Just In Time For A Cheeky Christmas Drink

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If there’s one time of year when being a vegan is more difficult than ever, it’s Christmas.

Christmas is about a lot of things: family, gift-giving, baby Jesus, friends, food and – possibly most importantly – booze. It can certainly become quite tiresome explaining to all your relatives why you don’t want to try a slice of your great auntie Mabel’s famous yule log.

And let’s face it: there are few drinks more Christmassy than a Baileys over ice – mulled wine probably occupies joint first place here. Well, the good news is, now all you plant-loving vegan people can join in this sweet, sweet tradition.

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Vegan saviour Wholefoods started stocking a vegan Baileys just yesterday. It’s made of almond milk and called Baileys Almande which is completely vegan-friendly (and it’s also gluten-free) so make sure your mum gets a few bottles in before the festive season kicks off.

[Instagram @baileysofficial]
They’re also (hopefully) rolling it out across the UK at various stores just in time for Christmas – so keep your eyes peeled!

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