Can You Bare It? London’s Naked Restaurant Might Be Made Permanent

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

Can You Bare It? London’s Naked Restaurant Might Be Made Permanent

We told you about The Bunyadi, a pop-up restaurant open between June and August 2016 with an extremely unique selling point – dining in the nude. The Bunyadi, (which is a Hindi word meaning fundamental; base; natural), places emphasis on returning to nature and offers diners ‘pure liberation’ without trivialities such as clothes… or perhaps dignity? Nonetheless, The Bunyadi was extremely popular with over 46,000 ballsy people on the waiting list to dine at London’s first ever naked restaurant! And if you weren’t one of the lucky few who got to dine in your birthday suit, you’re in luck, as the restaurant’s owner has announced plans to make The Bundyadi a permanent restaurant in London.

[The Bunyadi]
For the more sensitive amongst you, know this – The Bunyadi is a seriously great experience and one we’d recommend you try. There’s nothing seedy about nudity. Bodies are bodies and, funnily enough, we couldn’t live without them. Clothes, however, we could probably live without. They are not mandatory, but we’ve perhaps been conditioned into thinking they are. Which is why, at The Bunyadi, which is illuminated by nothing but candle light, you’re given a chance to throw away all the ‘demands’ of society and toss your clothes and phones to one side. Nudity is entirely optional – all diners are given slippers and rather comfy robes. And any sort of hanky panky is strictly forbidden. The food menu is pretty delightful too; everything is deliciously fresh, beautifully presented and full of flavours you may not have tried before.

Keep your eyes peeled to see if one naked dream becomes a permanent London reality.

Feature Image: [The Bunyadi]

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