So-Called ‘Crossrail Project’ Still Resembling A Sci-Fi Horror Film

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Crossrail 1

We’re still eighteen months away from Crossrail running through Central London, but new images reveal it’s looking as futuristic as ever.


Engineers are currently installing the electrical rail and cabling that will power the trains deep beneath London. All perfectly normal.

Crossrail Machine

It’s definitely not a sprawling underground space base from the future.

Crossrail Tunnels

Where men toil to excavate artifacts of unknown power from our extraterrestial ancestors.

Crossrail Cutterhead

Discovering only haunting omens from the past.

Skeletons Crossrail

All in order to open a trans-dimensional portal that will save humanity.

Portal Crossrail

Protecting us from unspeakable galactic horror.

Crossrail Breakthrough

That lurks in an endless submetropolitan labyrinth.

Lurking Crossrail

And the enormous chambers concealed therein.


Certainly, no Doomsday Machine has been sent on a final lonely journey into the maze…

Concrete Shuttle

As a last resort against enemies…

Concrete Shuttle Crossrail

…that can move through time and space at will.

Tunnel Crossrail london

With personnel retreating into their designated refuge.


Where all they can do is watch… and wait.

Crossrail Machine Workers

Everything is fine!

Crossrail allegedly opens December 2018 – or so ‘they’ would have you believe.

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