Dishoom Have Launched A Banging New Breakfast Menu

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Dishoom breakfast

You thought the bacon naan couldn’t be improved? You were wrong.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, here’s a quick refresher: Dishoom is the legendary Indian restaurant that’s easily one of London’s best. Amongst their mouthwatering offerings is a brilliant riff on the bacon sarnie: a bacon naan. Now, they’ve launched a new breakfast menu, which features the three best words we’ve heard all day. Double. Bacon. Naan.

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Dishoom breakfast

As if the bacon naan’s cult status wasn’t already assured, now it enters the pantheon of breakfast legends by doubling up. Double the bacon, cream cheese, and chilli tomato jam, and double the joy. Whilst it’s clearly the hypebeast of the new menu, we’re also enticed by the Wrestler’s Naan Roll, which seems to be a Full English breakfast stuffed inside a naan (into it).

Dishoom breakfast

Happily, for our plant-powered friends, Dishoom have launched a range of vegan breakfast dishes. You’ll get a choice of Vegan Sausage Naan, Vegan Akuri (an eggless take on the breakfast scramble), and Soy Keema No Eedu, complete with sali crisp-chips and toasted pau. I say choice, but you’re obviously quite welcome to get them all.

Dishoom breakfast

Finally, your sweet tooth will be well and truly satisfied by a stack of appam pancakes, drizzled with jaggery syrup and served with coconut flakes, fresh berries, and creamy shrikhand (Google tells me this is sweet strained daal). And best of all, for each breakfast they sell, Dishoom donate a healthy, nutritious breakfast to Magic Breakfast, a charity which helps sends children to school on a full stomach. So that double bacon naan is entirely, gloriously, guilt-free!

The new breakfast menu will be available from all Dishoom restaurants in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh from Monday 6th May.

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