Boris Introduces Tandem Bikes To Cut London Travel Costs

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Boris Introduces Tandem Bikes To Cut London Travel Costs

It has been announced today that in order to further reduce travel costs (thanks to all that ‘inflation’, ey) Boris Bikes will now be available as tandems. Influenced – we reckon – by the introduction of Uber’s carpooling in recent months, you can now ‘pool’ London’s Santander Cycles, meaning that your morning commute could now be easier, cheaper, and a lot more sociable! Too ‘tyred’? You can have a rest! Can’t ‘handle’ the tube? Hop on a bike! Love meeting new people? The ‘suspension’ of who they might be could make your day!

A few too many? Or safety in numbers? [FreeRepublic]
Using the app ‘RideOnTop‘, users can set their location or search for others wanting to pool at specific locations, up to an hour before needed. All you then have to do is arrive at the meeting point 5 minutes before set off, scan the bar code located on the bikes and embark on your journey with your new companions. Talk about a chain reaction!

An imagining of the potential bike…[BikeHub]
A spokes-person from ‘RideOnTop’ called Àine Way has stated that talks are ongoing about what the maximum number of people on one tandem should be. Although currently discussions appear going round in a vicious cycle (with one member of of the committee being told to “get a grip”) it seems that ‘4’ is most in favour. Safety is of course paramount, but with the new cycle paths being built we think that they’re a wheelie good idea!

The dream![Tumblr]
Let’s just hope you don’t encounter any cycle-paths along the way…

Featured Image Credit: DroverCycles

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