Oh My Goth: Black Ice Cream Is Coming To London This Weekend

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


The rainbow food trend of unicorn bagels, multicoloured croissants and floral coffees was so last year.

This bank holiday weekend Jude’s Ice Cream are taking things back to black with their new Black Coconut flavoured scoop. This new flavour will be exclusively available to purchase in Battersea Park’s Pear Tree Café from Friday 26th May 2017.

Jude's Black Ice Cream
This is where you need to go, goths. [Jam Jar Flowers]
This one’s for all you Londoners who hate the thought of switching your black-filled wardrobes to floral summer nonsense clothes, but who are secretly quite excited at the thought of eating a 99 Flake in the sunshine. At least we can all agree on ice cream.

Black ice cream
I was like, how much more black could it be? And the answer is none. None more black.

Blackened with coconut ash, this is definitely the edgiest ice cream to come to the capital this year, and basically proves to everyone that nothing can or ever will be the ‘new black’. The power of black is all-consumingly awesome and it always will be.

Jude's Black Ice Cream

But don’t worry, because if the colour of this new flavour isn’t particularly floating your boat, you’ll at least be very pleased to hear that Jude’s donate 10% of all their profits to charities that work with children and young people. So, your foray into new culinary territories is actually an act of altruism.

You’ll find Pear Tree Café at Lakeside Café, Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ. 

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