An Exciting New Wine Festival Is Coming To East London This Month

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An Exciting New Wine Festival Is Coming To East London This Month

There’s a new wine festival on the block and it’s bringing a series of events to the capital, each focused around a different country or theme.

London Wine Fest wants to get Londoners face-to-face with winemakers, sommeliers and experts from all around the world, providing a fun and casual environment for wine lovers to take the grown-up leap from ‘buying the bottle with the prettiest label’, to ‘buying the bottle that we genuinely know we like the best’.


For their debut event, the focus will be on Hungarian Wines, or ‘New Wines from the Old World’. Guests will be able to discover wine from a country thats winemaking heritage is barely known to UK wine drinkers. Over 80% of Hungarian wine is drunk in Hungary, so it’ll be a great opportunity to taste wines that have never before been seen, let alone tasted, in the UK.


The festival is keen to steer away from the snobby, pretentious connotations of wine drinking, and wants it to be accessible to anyone and everyone (that includes you, Miss I-Only-Ever-Buy-The-Second-Cheapest-Wine). Alongside the wine, there’ll also be some excellent Hungarian-themed street food available, made by one of Budapest’s top chefs, for when you’re feeling Hungary (sorry, had to be done).

London Wine Fest will take place at Studio-Spaces in Wapping (100m from Tobacco Dock) on Friday 17th November, 3-11pm and Saturday 18th November, 11am-11pm. Get your tickets here.

Ps. a little birdie tells us that the next festival in the London Wine Fest series will be sparkling wine-themed. We’re excited, are you?

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