Big Mamma’s Circolo Popolare And Gloria Are Among The Top 3 Best Artisan Pizzerias In The World

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

Big Mamma's Napoli Gang

The only surprise here is that they’re not #1.

Big Mamma Group, the team behind London’s wildly popular Italian restaurants Circolo Popolare and Gloria, has been voted 3rd best artisan pizzeria in the world by 5o Top Pizza.

The Latteria Sorrentina Award ranked 20 brands from five continents, of which several are from the UK. In fact, of the top five chains, four can be found in London: Aside from Big Mamma’s two existing London restaurants (plus the upcoming Ave Mario, and the delivery service Napoli Gang), we also have two Da Michele branches, which ranked #1 in the awards, one Berberè Pizzeria (#4), and our very own Pizza Pilgrims ranked #5. The Italian pizzeria Sorbillo ranked second place, and was once rumoured to open a chain in London, but to no avail.

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Other recognisable UK names on the list of best pizzerias are Mamma Dough in place #16, and Yard Sale Pizza, which took the last place with #20 (which is still an incredible accomplishment, considering the awards are worldwide!).

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