The Geniuses Behind Gloria And Circolo Popolare Have Launched A Delivery-Only Italian Restaurant • Napoli Gang

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Big Mamma's Napoli Gang

Napoli Gang is the delivery-only Italian restaurant ‘changing lives with pizza’.

The legends behind Circolo Poplare and Gloria have opened a new Italian restaurant, although it’s not the traditional dine-in eatery you may be thinking of. Napoli Gang is a delivery-only restaurant bringing the finest pizza, pasta, lasagna and more, straight to your door. In the age of Covid, with curfews and a second lockdown looming, this may just be the best news since sliced foccacia. [Featured image: Napoli Gang].

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Napoli Gang are single-handedly making sure that come rain, shine or quarantine, we can get our hands on the Italian meals we truly deserve. They are currently delivering to Shoreditch and Kentish Town exclusively, but rumour has it they’ll be announcing extra locations in the very near future.   


They promised us ‘sexy Italian vibes’ and believe me, they have delivered. The menu is as varied as it is salacious, with their starters, mains and desserts all boasting NSFW names. The ‘Holy Macaroni’ balls, ‘Nduja want me’ croquettes and ‘Salame Threesome’ meat medley starters, will definitely wet your appetite. And in terms of their pizza, good luck choosing just one.

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The ‘Notoruous B.I.Cheese’ and ‘Youporn pizzas’ are just as indulgent and titillating as they sound. For something slightly tamer, ‘Greta’s Pizza’ is of course, meat-free and somewhat inspirational and their classic Margherita is also a winner. And for dessert, why not try their ‘Shut your mousse’ chocolate pudding or ‘Your mum’s panna cotta’? You can even add a cocktail or a couple of beers to your order – sign me up immedietely.

Napoli Gang deliver much more than irresistible food, they also offer trendy merchandise on their website! All of the proceeds go to their charity partner, The Street League, who promote equal employment opportunities for young people. For those that love a cheeky anagram, you can bag yourself a t-shirt with the words ‘Truck Fump’ and an illustration of a yellow-crusted pizza resembling a certain world leader…

Head to their website or UberEats to order!

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