This South London Pizza Chain Have Reopened All Their Terraces This Week • Mamma Dough

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This South London Pizza Chain Have Reopened All Their Terraces This Week • Mamma Dough

Outdoor dining is back, baby!

It’s been a long, dark wait over some pretty chilly winter months in lockdown but, finally, the hallowed day is upon us. The day you’ve had circled in your diary since February, when the term ‘roadmap‘ begun surfacing from the mouths of politicians. [Featured Image: @mammadough, Instagram].

Today (April 12), pubs and restaurants are now permitted to open for outdoor surface once more. While this may mean an early scramble of “PUUUUBBBBB” across the country, many will also have sorely missed the experience of going for a sit-down meal with friends, loved ones and pets.

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Given you probably want to make your first meal away from your bubble a mouth-watering one, we’ll just pass on the advice you’ve heard millions of times. You can never go wrong with pizza. And, luckily for you, Mamma Dough–the popular south London pizza chain–are reopening their terraces for all the hungry Londoners this week.

Four Mamma Dough sites boast terraces, and begin their outdoor service from today. Over at their Brixton, Honor Oak Park, Ladywell, and South Norwood (from Wednesday) restaurants, you’ll be granted the delight of ordering their heavenly sourdough pizzas to your table once more!

Image: Mamma Dough

Pop into one of these spots from today to indulge in Mamma Dough’s beautifully fresh mix of local and imported produce. As the weather slowly begins to warm up, the thought of tucking into a classic Fiorentina with a bottle of white wine on a terrace as the sun leaves the London sky just becomes all the more appealing. Plus, each site has their own unique daily specials, from the zucchine in Honor Oak Park; to the popeye in Brixton; to the friarieli in Ladywell. View the full menu here.

We’d try each special if we could, and you should too. Four Mamma Dough branches open this week, so you can begin that challenge right now! The Mamma Dough sites without terraces are due to open in May, should all go to plan in the next signpost of Boris Johnson’s roadmap.

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