Believe It Or Not…The Fantasy Garden Bridge Is Coming To London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

Believe It Or Not…The Fantasy Garden Bridge Is Coming To London

After being slated by the worthies of St Paul’s Cathedral, criticised by Labour’s next mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, and rejected by thousands of signatures of public opposition, it looks like the planned Garden Bridge across the River Thames is officially going ahead.

[Huffington Post]
Disputes between Sadiq Khan, Lambeth council leader Lib Peck, Transport for London and the Garden Bridge Trust reached a crucial breakthrough when it was agreed that TFL would cut its funding from £30 million to £10 million. The leftover £20 million will be loaned by TFL if necessary but ultimately will have to be funded by the private sector or future revenues. This means that the planned building work will go ahead next year.

[Evening Standard]
The bridge will connect Westminster and Lambeth, allowing tourists and Londoners to take a peaceful stroll across the river, surrounded by shrubs, flowerbeds and trees. Whether you view it as an unnecessary vanity and a drain on the tax payer’s hard-earned money, or a spectacular achievement that will add aesthetic value to London’s skyline, there’s no denying that the bridge will be a big hit on Instagram. #nofilter necessary.


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