Art and Soul: Topical Shades in Adam Pendleton’s Exhibition

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Pendleton Black Lives

Thanks to our friends at events app Fever, we’ve managed to discover an amazing new exhibition from American artist, Adam Pendleton. Running until the 23rd May, the ‘New Work’ exhibition is now on at the Pace Gallery, in Mayfair.

Adam Pendleton
[Artist photo by Matthew Septimus]
Living and working in New York, Pendleton taps into the polemic topics of his own country with a set of paintings called ‘Black Lives Matter’ within the exhibition. At a time when such a sentiment resonates so strongly and racial tensions continue to bubble in Baltimore, this exhibition could not be more relevant.

Adam Pendleton
Working across disciplines, Pendleton takes inspiration from political and cultural events from the 1960’s to present day, drawing on The Civil Rights, Black Power and Black Arts movements for poignant modern day pieces which reflect the stubborn nature of racial prejudices. Strongly Influenced by the written word and experimental literature, words and lyrics can be expected to feature heavily in the artist’s work, which includes oil paintings, sculptures, wall features and silk screens.

Whether art aficionado or not, the exhibition is sure to be a rewarding one to visit, pushing at the boundaries of social and cultural perception. Which, how we see it, is what art is designed to do. To attend the exhibition, download the Fever app by clicking here.


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