London’s Most Instagrammable Restaurant Bathroom Has Been Revealed

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Aqua Shard toilets

For a loo with a view, head to the Aqua Shard toilets.

Yes, one spot has emerged victorious as the city’s most ‘gram-friendly bathroom, and we can’t say we’re altogether surprised. If you’ve ever peed in the dizzyingly high Aqua Shard toilets, congratulations! For you have graced London’s most Instagrammable restaurant bathroom, according to new research conducted by Showers Direct (whom, as you may notice, have rather a vested interest in bathrooms).

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By analysing over 40,000 TripAdvisor reviews – nope, they didn’t send the poor intern out to go pee in all these restaurant bathrooms, thankfully – the team were able to crown the Aqua Shard toilets the most Instagrammable in the land. Over 800 reviews of the restaurant managed to slip in a compliment for the bathrooms, which was just enough to give Aqua Shard the edge over another of London’s favourite spots: the groovy, egg-filled loos at Mayfair haunt sketch. The likes of NOPI, City Social, Le Gavroche’s, Sexy Fish, and Brasserie of Light also scored well, so if you’re on the hunt for a photogenic bog in London, you’ve got plenty of options.

As to why this study was necessary, the team also conducted a survey that found a whopping 99% of Gen Z and millennials rely on social media and online reviews when picking a restaurant. Throw in our generation’s obsession with a top bathroom selfie, and you’ve got the answer to a burning question – which I guess is why you’re reading this?

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