9 Stages Of Tube Strike Hell That Every Londoner Will Understand

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

9 Stages Of Tube Strike Hell That Every Londoner Will Understand

Hold on to your hats kids; the second tube strike is coming.

On Wednesday and Thursday be prepared to witness humanity at their most desperate as the second wave of tube strikes grips London once more. Here are some of the inevitable stages you will go through, as depicted by Twitter users. Brace yourself Londoners, this could get nasty.


1. Anger.


You’ll take it out on the drivers/TFL/the government/your cat. (Sorry Snuggles).


2. Inevitable World War references.
Through 2 actually. Still can’t handle it.

Why do we join in on this jolly-hockeysticks camaraderie when any other day we’re tripping over ourselves not to lock eyes with another person??


3. The picture responses.

You don’t even need to be witty here. Just find any old battlefield scene from history and hashtag #prepareyourself.


4. Alternative options.

But ultimately you just want to stay at home.


5. Genuinely terrifying possibilities.

And who else will live-tweet about soggy bottoms??


6. Smuggery of the worst kind.

Oh piss off.


7. And the cashing in of companies…
How creative of you.
Actually, Darth Vader wouldn’t be this cruel.


8. Declarations of bravery.

One for small step for man, one giant leap for your sanity.


9. And finally, acceptance (in one of two forms).

or the more common theme…


Good luck comrades.We believe in you.



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