7 Superb London Spots For Cheese, Wine And Charcuterie

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I whole-heartedly disagree with whoever said that three is a crowd.

This is a threesome of the sexiest variety (that’s a horrible sentence, I apologise). Cheese, wine and meat? You don’t need to ask twice…

1. Vivat Bacchus

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For Londoners, cheese boards are the ultimate sophistication (so the saying goes… sort of). They have a damn good collection of French, Italian and British cheeseboards on the menu, but you can also opt for the “Cheese Room Experience” where you can handpick whatever you’d like on your board, including a fantastic selection of Swiss and Spanish cheeses. The cheeses on offer are constantly changing, but there are always at least 40 at any one time. And let’s not forget the wine – Bacchus is the Roman God of wine after all. Having South African owners, the wine cellar at Vivat Bacchus is naturally filled with great wine from their home country. That said, they do have a pretty huge range of wines from all over the world, all of which can be seen from inside their walk-in wine cellar. As for the meat, the team at Vivat Bacchus have gone full-on South African. Unlike your standard charcuterie board, you’ll be presented with ostrich biltong and traditional droëwors – but trust us, they’re bloomin’ good. 

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2. Androuet

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One word: raclette. If you haven’t heard of raclette then you are doing something wrong in your life. It’s essentially hot melted cheese which you can dip things in to. Like potatoes. And meat. Are you sold yet? There’s also standard cheese and charcuterie boards and lots and lots of wine. Obviously. Oh and there’s a cheese shop attached that sells literally hundreds of different cheeses, so you won’t be leaving in a rush…

Old Spitalfields Market, 107B Commercial St, E1 6BG


3. Continental Pantry

The Continental Pantry feels like a cosy countryside cottage. It’s owned by Kate and Maria, two pals who have drawn influences from all over Europe, and developed an intense love of proper food and proper wine. Their food menu is very country café-esque — with sandwiches and soups of the day — but the ingredients they use are just a little bit fancier. Swap cheese and pickle for a comté, fig and walnut jam toastie or a ham and cheese toastie for Iberico ham and manchego. Toasties aside, this post is all about cheese, wine and charcuterie, and the Continental Pantry is up there with the best. If nothing else, their wine glasses are glorious and will make you feel tipsier than you already are (you’ll have to pop over for a glass to see what we mean *wink*). To find out more about this lovely little shop, head over to their site!

57 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, W11 2AA


4. Vagabond

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Three words: interactive wine menus. Vagabond offer a self-service wine experience where you can choose your wine at the push of a button. It’s a great way to discover wonderful new wines, and you’ll want to tell all your friends about it, just like we are now. They also have a big selection of tasty cheese and charcuterie, including lots of local and European produce for you to devour.

Various locations. 


5. La Fromagerie

With cheeses from across the globe, La Fromagerie is the place for cheese (not surprising considering its name).  They have cafés in Marylebone and Highbury, both of which do a darn good selection of food. Friday evenings are all about cheese, wine and charcuterie… and what better way to bring in the weekend? 

Various locations. 


6. Champagne + Fromage

Okay so we’re steering a tiny bit away from the title of this post and swapping vino for Champagne, but I’m sure you’ll forgive us. Join Champagne + Fromage in their French bistro for an evening of cheese and charcuterie, all washed down with your favourite Champagne. The focus is on délicieuse cuisine (excuse our French) so expect lots of brie and camembert and other delicious French stuff. Bon appétit!

Various locations.


7. WC Clapham

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Perhaps the cleverest name in the entire history of bars and restaurants, WC is a converted public toilet that now serves Wine and Charcuterie (Water Closet, Wine & Charcuterie…. get it?). You’ll be seated in a booth that used to be a bog (don’t worry, they’ve scrubbed it up a bit) and served cheese and charcuterie on beautiful authentic slates. Their wine list is diverse and exciting, making it the perfect fit for the third spot in this wonderful love triangle.

Clapham Common South Side, SW4 7AA


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Feature image: Champagne + Fromage

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