Idris Elba’s Brand-New Wine Bar Has Opened In Kings Cross

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Idris Elba’s Brand-New Wine Bar Has Opened In Kings Cross

El vino did flow…

Idris Elba is a man of many talents. Luther, Idris Elba’s famed TV detective, is making a return, this time to the big screen with a movie now in the works, plus there’s his legendary character in The Wire, DJing at Glastonbury, supporting the best football team in the world, and spitting bars about Bukayo Saka on GRM Daily. And he’s decided to pursue another new venture.

You can now enjoy some of the finest fermented grapes at Idris Elba’s brand-new wine bar in King’s Cross. Named after his established wine and champagne brand, Porte Noire, the new bar will offer you the chance to sip on these creations in plush surrounds. Ideal for city dwellers, the interior is high-end with a touch of industrial (think tasteful exposed piping), plus lots of lovely detailing like monochrome coasters. There are about 800 different wine bins, with vino ranging from sweet to dry and everything in between.

Idris Elba porte noire

While wine and champagne make up most of the menu, some top-end spirits will also be on offer. Plus, if you get peckish, there’s a full French brasserie-style menu to tuck into, featuring the likes of an Oeuf Meurette – a classy Burgundian plate of poached eggs with red wine sauce and slow cooked beef cheek. Then, you can check out the range of European cheeses on offer by platter.

You’ll find the new bar at Coals Drops Yard from today (October 18). Who knows, maybe one day you might get lucky enough to bump into the man himself as you sip on a glass of champagne!

Check out Porte Noire over at Unit A Gasholder 10, 1 Lewis Cubitt Square, N1C 4BY (nearest station is Kings Cross St Pancras).

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