7 Reasons Why The Bringit App Will Save Your Lazy London Ass

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7 Reasons Why The Bringit App Will Save Your Lazy London Ass

“Another delivery app?!” we hear you cry! Let us tell you something, fellow Londoners, we deserve delivery apps. After a hard day at work, a 45 minute hot and sweaty commute, an angry run-in with another passive aggressive commuter and another month of overpriced rent, you certainly deserve the right to occasional laziness. And that’s where Bringit comes in. The thing is with Bringit – between it’s super-speedy service, vast take away options, fine dining AND grocery delivery services, it’s hard to not allow yourself a lazy day…


1. You’ll have the fastest groceries in the West (and North, South & East)


Move over Amazon. Bringit will delivery groceries to your door within an average time of 36 minutes. Can’t be bothered to pop down the shop yourself? No problem. Forgot to get milk on your way home? Bringit got milk. And (unlike the delivery services that rhyme with Av-Ocado) there is no need to book a slot days in advance. Bringit deliver a choice of 8,000 fresh products from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s & Tesco. No minimum spend. Just minimum effort.


2. You can eat your favourite food anywhere

So when you can’t get out of the office on a busy day for lunch, you don’t need to suffer with a soggy-looking sandwich. Instead, get a tasty hot meal from your favourite local restaurant and devour it at your desk. NB: your colleagues may not appreciate your smug face, so do offer them a sweet potato wedge (if you’re feeling generous).


3. You can indulge in fine dining… in your PJs

modern pantry
[Modern Pantry]
Enjoy a slap up meal from the comfort of your own home – no dressing up required. We can’t think of a more ideal date night. Nothing beats a cosy night in, food and no cooking involved at all. (Or you can hide all evidence of Bringit and pretend you cooked the meal yourself #marriagematerial). From Gaucho to The Modern Pantry, Bringit delivery from some of London’s fine culinary establishments.


4. You can even schedule your delivery for tomorrow!

With Bringit, your delivery doesn’t need to be for that very moment – you can order hours or even days in advance! If you know that tomorrow is going to be a busy day for you, then you can time your delivery perfectly so that your Honest Burger arrives within minutes of you getting home from work. Welcome to the sweet life.


 5. You’ll never forget the most important meal…

le pain
[le Pain Quotidien]
Who said take aways were just for the evening? Bringit are open to deliver you breakie and (more essentially) your morning coffee. Serving up the most important important meal from favourites such as Leon, Le Pain Quotidien and Paul, as well as The Detox Kitchen and My Old Dutch (for some extra special, naughty pancakes).


6. Avoid the bar queues…

Bringit isn’t just about food delivery – they also deliver beverages. And in the hotter months, there’s nothing more refreshing than the taste of an effortless, cool beverage. No painful queuing required. Not only can you get booze delivered straight to your door from the grocers, but you can also choose from the wonderful wine selection at Olivinos. If you’re on a health kick or if it’s only 2pm (hey, it’s 5 ‘o’clock somewhere!), Bringit have a huge range of non-alcoholic drinks available, from Joe & The Juice to Bubbleology.


7. Have your own ‘personal assistant’…

[Meet your Bringer!]
We’re a nation who seriously love and respect our food, so it’s only natural to want to ensure that your delivery is in safe and trusty hands. Bringers aren’t just a nameless face – the app let’s you know exactly who is delivering their food, where they are up to and how long they will be. Think of them as your personal assistant who you can ring or text for anything you should need (within reason, obviously – they aren’t going to do your dirty work, like break up with your girlfriend for you).


Want to give Bringit a go? Download the app here and you can forget about that late night trip to the shop you weren’t even planning to take tonight (and forever). 

Featured image credit: Andy Wells – Flickr | Facebook

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