7 Genius Ways To Beat The Post-Christmas Blues In London

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7 Genius Ways To Beat The Post-Christmas Blues In London

Post-anything blues is just horrible. But post-Christmas blues is officially the worst. A culmination of post-holiday and post-birthday blues, it sure is a truly sad event. And an inevitable event at that. Some years we even consider cancelling Christmas altogether, leaving no risk at all of there being any form of post-Christmas anything. But we can’t. The only thing we can do is to sniff out even more fun things to do in London to keep ourselves, and yourselves, distracted. So come on, altogether now…post-Christmas blues, you can SUCK IT! Mwuhahaha.


1. Organise the BEST NYE ever

Sad that party season is over? Then organise an even better party to carry on the fun! Between the 27th and 30th we tend to forget that there is one more super fun night ahead of us, so in order to truly banish the blues, organise the best New Year’s Eve imaginable. Whether that’s staying in with friends (or by yourself – hey, we don’t judge) or going out on the razzle…just make sure it’s a good ‘un!


2. Visit the Christmas Lights in a hopeful state of nostalgia

[Sham Hussain]
Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean everything and anything remotely Christmas related is stripped away and forgotten (whether you like it or not) for the next 10 months. Oh no. The Christmas lights stay on for at least the first few days of January, giving us time to slowly move on and accept that the festive season is over for another year. Just like stalking through old photos of your ex, sometimes its positively cathartic to re-visit happier times in order to accept that they are finished. FINISHED.


3. Eat your feelings at some of London’s best food spots

You may have had enough grub (we know we sure have), but when it comes to feeling down and sad (particularly post-Christmas blues down and sad), there’s no better way of cheering yourself up than eating, eating, eating. The familiar feeling of fullness may make the whole ordeal easier too. And we know the best places to do that in (which won’t break the bank, because let’s face it – for the next three months we’re pretty much living off the crusts). Back to work and want to ‘slice’ up your lunch? We know where to find the best sandwiches. Turn to chocolate when feeling sad? Look no further.


4. Get a culture fix at the Southbank

If your Christmas is anything like ours, endless Christmas films and sherries will have undoubtedly killed off a few brain cells…so why not head down to the Southbank in an attempt to salvage those few that are left by visiting the incredible ‘Winter Art Exhibition‘, curated by the wonderful Aussie artist Amanda Parer. It’s a breathtaking display that captures everything we love about this time of year, (minus the cold), and will make that transition between Christmas and the New Year that little bit easier. It’s up and running over the New Year period, and is free to view, so be sure not to miss out!


5. Have some rooftop fun

[Queen of Hoxton]
Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean that you can’t do activities that have previously been deemed ‘festive’. The Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop wigwam is one of our faves, and we are absolutely certain that it will help banish the blues at first sight. It’s all about candlelight, tree stump seats, toasting marshmallows and steaming cocktails…and is running until the end of March. If you haven’t gotten over it by then…nothing can help you, we’re afraid.


6. Go for a wintry walk around London

[Flickr: David Jones]
You’d be amazed as to how many stunning secret walks there are in London. And what better way to walk off some of that food (admittedly you’d have to walk a loonngg way to even come close to burning it all off), and release some endorphins than a lovely stroll around your city. Without feeling like you’re in the city. So go on, get your boots on and venture out – some of our favourite winter wonderland walks are listed here.


7. Party on New Year’s Day with ONE at McQueen


Over the years one date has always stood out as the biggest and most important for the party cognoscenti… New Year’s day is apparently now bigger than New Year’s Eve…particularly if you’re planning on spending it in the one of the best bars in London (McQueen). The event kicks off at 5pm (and runs until 4am), so even if you have been out the night before, you’ll have plenty of time to recover. No excuses! New Year’s resolutions can wait…Tickets are only £5! Download Fever and pick them up here!

55-60 Tabernacle Street, EC2A 4AA

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