Our Pick Of The 6 Best Pubs To Visit In East London

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The great British pub tradition is epitomised perhaps nowhere better than the East End of London.

You savvy East Enders sure know how to put together a good pub. From after-work drinks spots to the perfect place for Sunday lunch, there’s something for everyone in this east London pub guide. Follow us as we uncover some of the East End’s hidden gems. Psst! For a limited time only Hop House 13 are offering you a free pint at all of these pubs with the Fever app. All the more reason to check these bad boys out…

1. The Artisan (Clerkenwell)

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This edgy east London boozer is scarcely empty and it’s easy to see why. Its stylish retro interiors work perfectly with the modern surroundings – creating a pub that’s a joy to spend time in. There certainly isn’t a dated, teak stained surface in sight! Oh, and their P B & J burger – yes, you heard us right – is the stuff of legends. Trust us, it works.

53 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, EC1V 4JL

2. The Old Tea Warehouse (Aldgate)


This cosy Aldgate gem ticks all the boxes. Diverse beer selection? Check. Relaxed ambiance? Check. A menu crammed with all your favourite pub classics? Check. It’s even got a couple of darts boards in the cellar to inject some competitive fun in your evening. No, we don’t know how to play darts either, but we know we’re going to emerge victorious no matter what.

3/8 Creechurch Lane, Aldgate, EC3A 5AY

3. The Morgans Arms (Bow)


This place is a haven for every hard-working East Ender who just wants to enjoy some decent pub grub. Their mismatched furniture and wood-panelled walls give this place a seriously homely feel. The perfect place to tuck into the classic Sunday roast and pint combination and emerge feeling full, warm and happy. And isn’t that exactly what the great British pub is for?

43 Morgan St, E3 5AA

4. Kings Stores (Whitechapel)


Kings Stores couldn’t be more traditional if it tried. Although, now we think about it, its owners probably have tried to remain in touch with the pub’s heritage over the years – which is what makes it so authentic. It’s a popular spot for after-work drinks, but don’t let the big city clientele put you off; its unique charm draws in a different crowd on the weekends. Pull up a chair and enjoy a live sports screening with a pint of Hop House 13’s finest in hand.

14 Widegate St, London E1 7HP

5. The Phoenix (Whitechapel)


Take a walk around the incredible Whitechapel Gallery or scare your pants off on a guided Jack the Ripper themed walking tour before retreating into The Phoenix. You’ll certainly appreciate a cold pint after all that exercise! The real selling point of this particular pub though, are their mouthwatering weekly burger specials. Anyone fancy sampling an epic pizza-burger hybrid? Yeah, us too!

26 Throgmorton St, EC2N 2AN

6. The Wilmington Arms (Clerkenwell)


After a morning spent snaffling free samples from the nearby Exmouth market, there’s nowhere better to rest your weary legs than The Wilmington Arms. Here, you can even carry on your free sample hunt by enjoying a complimentary pint of Hop House 13! Following an eight-week refurbishment, this 19th Century beauty has been transformed into something rather special. They’ve even meticulously restored the historic glass atrium that spans the pub’s dining area. The perfect way to enjoy your pint in the sunshine without getting cold!

69 Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, EC1R 4RL


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