Get Ready!! 6 Incredible Things That Are Coming To London In 2017

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Get Ready!! 6 Incredible Things That Are Coming To London In 2017

New year, new London and lots of new things to look forward to!


1. The world’s biggest inflatable is coming to Hyde Park!

[V Formation]
The Beast, 272m of inflatable fun brought to life by the Belgium-based company, V Formation, is set to London’s Hyde Park in 2017 to challenge Londoners to break the course record!


2. The Magical Lantern Festival returns for its second year.

[Magical Lantern Festival 2016]
Returning to Chiswick House and Gardens on 19th January until the 26th February, this year’s Magical Lantern Festival takes on the theme ‘Explore the Silk Road’. The trail will be full of magnificent, oversized lantern scenes, including a 15-metre wide lantern of London’s Houses of Parliament. There will also be a synthetic ice rink, Virtual Reality experiences, food and drink vendors and fun fair entertainment on site. Find out more here.


3. There’ll be a new Harry Potter exhibition.


We’ve been anticipating the new Harry Potter exhibition since 2016. In October, the British Library will team up with J.K. Rowling to mark the 20 year anniversary since the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It will bring muggles a magical new insight into the wizarding world!


4. A sky-high restaurant is coming to the capital.

[Events in the Sky]
Londoners will able to dine whilst dangling in the air, as a sky-high restaurant returns to the capital for only 12 days in July! The floating tables seat 22 people, a guest chef, a team of waiting staff and a sommelier (that’s a wine specialist to you and I). Find out more by heading to the site.


5. We can look forward to a summer of athletics!


In July and August 2017, London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will become home to the Summer of World Athletics! It will also be the sporting events which sees Usain Bolt run his last race. You can buy tickets to both the World ParaAthletics Championships and the IAAF World Championships here.


6. The Thames will begin to look rather pretty.

[Illuminated Rivers]
Work on the Illuminated Rivers project will begin in 2017 and will hopefully be finished by 2018! Unless its another case of the Night Tube all over again…


Feature image: V Formation

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