6 Competitions That Every Londonder Secretly Has With Other Londoners

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

6 Competitions That Every Londonder Secretly Has With Other Londoners

Go on, admit it. We all do it. It’s only natural to be competitive with anyone and everyone you come into contact with…right? Particularly with strangers, in your own head, on public transport…bah! How else are we supposed to keep entertained?


1. When you’re on opposite sides of the overground doors and you know that you’re both waiting with vehement anticipation to see who will press the ‘open’ button first. And win.
2. When you both come up to the barriers at the same time and it’s on like donkey kong. Whoever’s oyster gets them through the fastest, wins.
A mini fist pump would probably suffice…[Giphy]
3. When you know that you’re both looking at each other but you can’t be the one that gets caught looking.
Rather be single than a loser. Obvs. [Tumblr]
4. Which then leads to ‘who can keep the straightest face’ once you do catch eyes. And you take it so seriously that you end up looking like you’re in pain.
5. When you’re walking up the escalator and someone else is walking up the stairs. Unfair, schmunfair – bask in the glory of that slow coach’s defeat! Mwuahaha!
So loonnngg, sucker! [Giphy]
6. When you’re reading someone else’s newspaper over their shoulder and you have to beat them to the end of the article. Not even to win necessarily, just to be able to read the whole article…
Which you never do. [Giphy]

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