5 Ways The London Night Tube Will Change EVERYTHING

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

5 Ways The London Night Tube Will Change EVERYTHING

It may have been a long (a looooooooooooooong) time coming but finally we’re allowed to mentally prepare ourselves for its emergence. No we’re not talking about Kim K’s second child, we’re talking about the Night Tube! If only they could offer a 24 hour kebab carriage…


1. You’ll lose the night bus nightmares.

We’ve told you all about the types of twit you’re bound to find on one of the night buses of London. Granted some of the clientele may follow your lead and start riding the night tube alongside your soggy arse but at least the journey is 10x times as rapid (so you only have to withstand half the vomit-on-the-floor/twerking-to-Shakira time).


Hips don’t lie. [superunleaded.com]


2. Your Golden Excuse just disappeared.

You can no longer skip out of bad dates/dodgy family meet-ups/booty calls/your second nieces ‘Naming Ceremony’ with the old age “But I’ll miss the last tube!”. This means you’re lying game just got taken to a whole new Clinton-esque level.




3. When it extends to the Circle line, we’re doomed.

Granted they’re not quite there yet but once the Circle line is made 24 hours you’ll probably encounter some all-night ravers who’ve set up shop across the seats and have slowly turned into those Mole Men you heard rumours of as young London squiggler.




4. Goodbye Uber, hello extra shots.

[Calvina Photography]
All that money you’re saving on taxis? It’s got to go somewhere. It would be rude not to have another tequila slammer. Just make sure that you really do “Mind the gap” or a sore head will be the last of your worries.



5. Prepare for your Snapchat game to go stratospheric.

[Twitter: @sleepycommuters]
Had a case of the not-so-snappy Snapchat stories (100 seconds of ‘Cat Plays With My Feet LOL’ anyone)? Well the Night Tube is definitely the cure. We’re talking high octane action, breathtaking scenery and heartbreaking conundrums. AKA someone getting stuck between the doors, vomiting Jäger across the floor, before swiftly realising they’ve left their kebab on the yellow line.




London will never be the same…




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