Are The New McDonald’s Chocolate Fries Any Competition For London?

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


We’re gonna go with a no. When the news hit that McDonald’s would be introducing a “surprising and unique menu item” to its er, less surprising, array of fast food, we were pretty intrigued… And then disgusted. Because it turns out the new “innovation” comes in the shape of chocolate fries. Side or dessert we don’t know but we’re very relieved to discover that this monstrosity of a mix-up will be only available in Japan…for now, anyway. If you’re going to make fries the main event at the party then we suggest you go with one of the options below:


1. Triple Cooked Chips @ Hawksmoor


Chip rating: ? ? ? ? ?

Everyone knows Hawksmoor does a damn good steak. Their triple-cooked chips are the perfect match – crispy on the outside, gloriously fluffy on the inside. They’re also the ideal thickness so you can load ’em up with as many of the Hawksmoor speciality sauces as you like. These bad boys ain’t gonna break.

Multiple Locations 


2. Chilli Cheese Fries @ MEATliquor


Chip rating: ? ? ? ?

This is just a meal in itself really. Beef chilli, onion, jalapeños and French mustard, plus melted cheddar cheese smothering a nest of skinny fries that start off crispy and get more sticky and juicy the further down you go… And no. That was not an innuendo for anything. They’re just really, really good chips.


3. Sweet potato fries @ The Blues Kitchen


Chip rating: ? ? ?

Sweet potato fries were all the rage a few years ago but we certainly haven’t forgotten about them. The Blues Kitchen is Southern-style comfort food at its absolute best. Their gumbo is probably also the most satisfying thing after good sex. Which says it all really.

Camden, Brixton and Shoreditch


4. Dirty Fries @ Meat & Shake

[London Burger Quest]
Chip rating: ? ? ? ?

So dirty. Just so, damn, dirty. Chilli con carne, jalapeños, cheese, sour cream and american mustard – oh, and fries, lots and lots of fries. These bad boys pack a punch. And a kick. And a big slap in the face. Okay, we’ll stop now. But seriously, don’t mess with this meal.

Tooting and Ealing


5. Chips (and chicken) @ Hixter Bankside


What came first, the chicken or the chips? In the case of Hixter Bankside, we think the chips do. Fried in chicken fat, they go perfectly with the chicken that they’re served with. In fact, they kind of outshine it. It’s official: the side dish is making a claim for the main. Watch this space.


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