26 Things No Londoner Has Ever Said… EVER

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26 Things No Londoner Has Ever Said… EVER

If you ever catch a Londoner saying any of the below, then we will happily ride to Zone 6 and back just to say we were wrong…


1. To the hairdresser: ‘I’ll have the Boris, please.’

2. It’s fine, there’s another tube in 4 minutes.

3. Let’s get Harrods Food Hall’s dine in for two for £150 tonight.

4. There are so many souvenirs in the I <3 London Shop I want to buy. It’ll be hard to control myself.

[Tracy’s toys]
5. Fancy the new exhibition at Madame Tussauds this weekend?

6. I find the ride to Zone 6 extremely therapeutic.

7. It’s Friday – of course we won’t need to book!

[Spoon Full of Sugar]
8. Oooo cute! A pigeon!

9. Don’t you love the reassuring sense of humanity’s existence with a man’s armpit in your face?

10. Fancy a lift? I’ll just go get my car.

11. Better wait for the green man.

12. I feel really awful for eating all of these free street food tasters.

13. Fancy a sophisticated night out in Infernos this weekend?

14. I just picked up Time Out, the Metro, City AM, Shortlist, Stylist and Coach ALL for free. What. A. Day.

15. I’ll keep this Metro forever.

16. You won’t find another hipster cocktail bar pop up like this in Shoreditch!

17. Doesn’t it feel great to get rent payments out of the way?

18. There’s nothing more thrilling than reading a good tube advert.

[Funny Memes]
19. The London air sure does wonders for my skin.

20. I managed to save money last month.

21. No, Mr Uber driver, I don’t mind walking to find you.

22. I intend to get the night bus home later.

23. Leicester Square is one of London’s unspoiled gems.

24. There’s this great new place with plenty of restaurants – ‘Covent Garden’, you heard of it?

25. My dream is to own a new-build, uniform flat in the heart of Canary Wharf.

26. Forgot to top up your Oyster and now you’re holding everyone up? N’awh, don’t worry – happens to the best of us.

[The Telegraph]

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