18 Painfully True Trials And Tribulations Of Having A Beard In London

Harry Hassall Harry Hassall

18 Painfully True Trials And Tribulations Of Having A Beard In London

Saturday 3rd September is #WorldBeardDay, FYI. Seeing as our fair city (and mainly the East) is home to some incredibly impressive facial displays, we thought we’d dedicate this one to those guys. But having an awesome beard isn’t all fun and hair…


1. In London, people will instantly deem you a ‘hipster’.

beard gif
2. And think it strange when you’re found outside of Shoreditch.

3. The first date kiss is always a challenge.

4. People think they can use the beard as a conversation starter.

5. Fellow bearded men assume you can bond over your dedication to facial hair.

6. And those who can’t grow beards will ask for tips.

7. People examine your face more than socially acceptable.

8. Or worse, ask to touch it.

9. London’s beard-pruning market has seriously upped its game.

10. But it’s also upped its prices.

11. And your beard pruning routine ultimately fucks with your life.


12. Eating street food will never be easy.


13. Unless you do this.

gif beard

14. Foamy coffee is a struggle.


15. You have a lot of good looking beards to live up to.

bond gif

16. Some people will just love you for your beard.

17. Sweaty Tube Face takes on a whole new meaning.

18. And, remember, the longer the beard, the harder choosing an outfit becomes…


Feature image: Incredibeard

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