15 Types Of Londoner That You’ll See During The Olympics

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Some of us revel in the buzz of the Olympics, while others sit back and choose to ignore the sporting mayhem that’s going on around us. Of course it’s not quite the same when we’re not the hosts, but that doesn’t mean that Londoners aren’t going mad for it at pubs and pop-up screens across the city. You can tell a lot about a person by their attitude towards the Games; and we’ve picked out 15 types of human that you’re bound to come across over the next week or so…


1. The genuine patriots.
[Daily Mail]
2. The girl who’s trying to impress her date so is frantically Googling how many gold medals we’ve got while he’s in the loo.



3. The guy behind the bar who really doesn’t give a sh*t and would like to go home now please.
4. The guy who’s not all that bothered about sport and is just using it as an excuse to go and get drunk.



5. The person who is still “just so proud” of the fact that we hosted the Olympics in 2012.
6. The girl who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and keeps asking questions every 30 seconds.
7. The one who “didn’t even know Kyrgyzstan was a country”.
8. The one who is still surprised that ping pong is an Olympic sport — sorry, table tennis. (Ok let’s be honest, that’s all of us).
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9. The person who suddenly decides they know all the rules to every sport and starts piping up.
10. The girl who thought she was going for a nice drink with her boyfriend, but he’s far more interested in the Games being shown on the big screen than her.



11. The ones who are only watching it to eyeball the hot Olympians…
12. The guy who fancies himself as a commentator and will not keep his mouth shut.
13. The people who could not care less, but the minute Rebecca Adlington touches someone’s leg….
14. The avid Twitterers who are just waiting for moments like this…


15. The ones who just get waaaay too into it.

Feature image: Daily Mail

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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