21 Things That Only Girls Who Love Chocolate Will Understand

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21 Things That Only Girls Who Love Chocolate Will Understand

Sorry to go all gender exclusive on this one but there are some vital things in life that men will just never understand. And the not-too-cakey-not-too-gooey consistency of a brownie is one of them.


1. That feeling when your friend says they don’t want dessert.

2. And you just have to sit there all like, “yeahhh that’s cool, I didn’t want one either”.

3. Not as bad as when you do get one and they’re suddenly “a bit peckish” again. 


4. If another girl says they “just don’t have a sweet tooth” you’re immediately suspicious of them.

5. Because she’s probably the type of person who “just doesn’t understand why girls hate her” either. 

6. There’s not a bad day that can’t be made better by a Pret cookie.

7. Or a good day that can’t either.

If you don’t know, don’t bother

8. You talk about the sweet/salty ratio of a Peanut Butter KitKat with more animation than you do your own sex life.

9. And let’s not even get started on salted caramel…

10. You’ve been counting down the days to #ChocolateWeek ever since you finished your Easter Egg.

11. *Easter Eggs

That 2 for 1 offer in Sainsburys was too good to pass up [Daily Mail]
12. You tag your girl friends in every post about Nutella you can find online.

13. Because only they understand the places that photos of food can take you.  

14. You can’t watch Bake Off without cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

15. And if you don’t have the ingredients…you get creative.

Melting chocolate in a mug still counts as baking right? [Buzzfeed]
16. Going to the cinema is just an excuse to be disgusting in the dark.

17. (And no we don’t mean like that).

18. We mean like that.

If no one saw you, it didn’t happen [You Tube]
19. Because no matter how hard you try to stay away…

20. …There’s more to life than squats and salads.

21. And anyway, we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts. 

Watch me melt [Buzzfeed]
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