15 Hilarious Things Londoners Have Overheard On The Tube

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15 Hilarious Things Londoners Have Overheard On The Tube

It’s not often that you hear actual conversations on the tube — it’s an unspoken (lol) rule that people don’t generally speak to each other on public transport. But sometimes it does happen, and you lot have been listening in at just the right moments to capture some absolute crackers. Here’s some of the best from 2016…


1. Ho ho haux…


2. Take that as a yes.


3. When London gets mean, it gets nasty.


4. The tube is full of bright sparks…


5. And if you thought ‘Tuesday’ was mean…


6. Classic ‘Murica…


7. Ha! Chance would be a fine thing…


8. Still not found yourself in Rush Hour Crush, eh?


9. It’s an important lesson to be learned.


10. They have a fair point.


11. Oh, the Digital Age.


12. This woman probably ought to work on her whisper.


13. This one needs no introduction.


14. A tastier alternative to disaster.


15. Bravo, my friend.


Feature image: Flickr/Tom Page + Twitter/@eandertonallen

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