14 Photos That Prove That Summer Has Actually Come To London

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We’re not having to wear our coats and we’re actually sweating from the blaring sun outside (not the claustrophobic tube). Summer is finally here and London couldn’t be happier so here’s some physical proof before it all disappears.

1. That picturesque sunlight gleaming from the rooftop

2. The only umbrella we’re needing is the one to protect our heads from the scorching sun *smirks internally*

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3. We actually want to go out for that morning run after all

4. Everything is so damn floral and we love it

5. Nothing like running through a water fountain to cool off, right?

6. Yes, Hampstead Heath.

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7. Wait, is this actually London? Or a sunny seaside?

8. There really is something about sunlight coming through trees

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9. Again, is this London? Or a tropical island getaway?

10. These colourful houses look even better in the sunshine

11. Champagne and deckchairs? Summer plans sorted.

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12. The blue sky that’s clearly upstaging the Thames

13. So much blue sky, we can’t deal

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14. Canalsides are made to be enjoyed in the summer

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