14 Moments Of Total Euphoria That All Londoners Live For

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

14 Moments Of Total Euphoria That All Londoners Live For

Londoners may act like they’ve seen it all – roast potato pop-ups, eccentric outfit choices on Camden Hight Street and doggy cafes don’t seem to ruffle the feathers on our backs anymore. Nonetheless, there do seem to be a select number of strange occurrences that still seem to surprise even the most seasoned of Londoner…


1. When the person making the announcements on the tube platform sounds really, really cheerful.

2. Being handed a free sample and it’s actually something great like a chocolate bar and not a teeny tasty of berry protein smoothie.

3. When your journey magically takes less time than City Mapper predicted it would.

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4. Being able to get a seat at any pub in Soho on a Friday evening around 6pm.

5. Finding out that your Deliveroo time is less than 35 minutes.

6. ‘There is currently a good service operating on all lines.’ Which is unlikely to happen at all this December, because tube strikes.

7. When you went too hard on ‘Thirsty Thursday’, but somehow wake up without a hangover.

8. Seeing that the building site next to your house actually isn’t going to be ‘Luxury Apartments’ but instead something really fun like a new Five Guys or nice cafe.

9. Anytime you have an entirely pleasant and stress-free journey on the Piccadilly line.

10. When a kind stranger smiles at you in the street.

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11. Realising that the guy in your local kebab shop has given you an extra chicken wing.

12. Getting a seat on a busy tube carriage.

13. Thinking that you’ve just been shit on by a pigeon but it turns out it was just rain.

14. Buying a round of drinks for under £10. If you need help with this one, check out these cheap places for a pint. 


Feature Image: [flickr: Moyan Brenn]

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