Who’s The Top Dog? London’s Best Hot Dogs Worth Barking About

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Who’s The Top Dog? London’s Best Hot Dogs Worth Barking About

Gone are the days when a hot dog was something you picked up at a football match… Ok, those were never ‘the days’ for us, but you know what we mean. The dawgs have been climbing the foodie social ladder and they’ve made it to London’s ‘gourmet’ scene. So expect your buns to be brioche and your mustard to be infused with truffle oil. One bonus is that this new generation of hot dogs come with a whole meal’s worth of toppings…


1. Hungerdog

Combine a top butcher and great baker (no candlestick maker required) and you have a fantastic selection of hot dogs. Hungerdog‘s menu is certainly a colourful one, with a variety of original recipes that jazz up the humble sausage. You can have your dog fully loaded with almost anything – from guacamole and chipotle to mango chutney, smoked aubergines and mint cucumber yoghurt. Or, if you’d rather keep things simple, you can strip it bare and have a Naked Dog. Download Fever to get your choice of dog and fries for only £6, from Mon-Thurs.



2. Dirty Bones

[Dirty Bones]
We know you’re eyeing this up – you dirty dog, you. For the filthiest, hardcore food porn addicts, Dirty Bones’ Dirty Dog is one sausage worth getting your hands around. The beauty pictured above is a pork dog dressed in lashings of BBQ pulled pork, crispy bacon, jalapeño cheese sauce and crispy shallots. They do offer alternative choices of beef or vegetarian dogs, which, we must add, are both equally impressive in size.

Kensington & Soho


3. Galvin HOP

[Galvin HOP]
The newly-opened flagship pub for the Galvin group, Galvin HOP, brings you the Hot Dog de Luxe, which apparently took 4 months to research and develop! We like sausages that have put in some serious effort… This one comes topped with Maille truffled mustard (see what we mean about gourmet)! You can enjoy this with a refreshing beer for only £10, if you download the Fever app.

Spital Square, Shoreditch


Featured image: Dirty Bones

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