13 Genius Ways Of Combating Climate On The London Underground

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13 Genius Ways Of Combating Climate On The London Underground

WHAT IS THIS WEATHER DOING one might ask. SERIOUSLY, though. One minute it’s freezing fog, and the next there are sunny spells of 16 degrees. This would be ok if we were just perpetually chilling, making the hourly clothes swap between a bikini and an insulated onesie a breeze…but unfortunately most of us aren’t. And even more unfortunately, most of us have to enter onto what can only be known as the choo choo carriages of claustrophobia (the tube) on a daily basis, making the climate’s indecisiveness that much worse. Here’s how to survive.


1. Get an air conditioned shirt. That’s right….an air conditioned shirt. So even if you haven’t had time to take your big winter coat off, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber underneath.

Thankfully it’s really fashionable too. [Gadget Wiki]

2. Don’t make eye contact. This way you won’t raise your temperature further by going bright red with the embarrassment of breaking one of the golden tube rules.

3. Duck down. Hot air rises so crawling through the station army-obstacle style will no doubt keep you cool – temperature and looks wise.

4. Take a leaf out of this guy’s book. Breezy Bob over here knows how to handle the heat.


5. If, by some miraculous reason, you’re too cold….travel between the hours of 7-9am and 5-7pm. You’ll soon warm up. And you’ll never be cold again.

6. If number 5 is unachievable, cuddle up to your neighbour. Their feeling of awkwardness will generate enough energy to warm up the entire train.

7. Alternatively, get yourself a Knit Dickey which adds warmth but not bulk. For those who don’t want to carry the burden of an entire jumper.

Trendy and practical. [Harriet Carter]

8. Of course, one of these is a must-have for keeping your face and hands warm whilst catching up on some work during your morning commute.


[Terry’s Fabrics]

9. Stick your tongue out like a dog. You’ll no doubt attract a mate as well as cooling yourself down underneath those 7 layers of yours.

10. Bring with you a trendy towel to mop up any excess sweat (of which there will be lots). Because no one can carry their bag, laptop, shopping and coat. So coat stays on. Always.

underground beach towel1 done
[Crest of London]

11. Take the bus.

12. Walk.

13. Hibernate until winter is over.


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