11 Signs That London Prices Are Getting A ‘Little’ Out Of Hand

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11 Signs That London Prices Are Getting A ‘Little’ Out Of Hand

Last year London was awarded the grand title of being the 3rd most expensive city in the world to live in. Hooray for us. While this probably did not come as too much of a surprise (£7 bacon sandwiches say it all), when the rate at which our funds are depleting is equivalent to the speed of light, it’s perhaps time to take a step back and assess the situation. And then, when it turns out to be something that we can do absolutely nothing about…we choose to moan.


1.  When it transpired that the average Londoner would have to work 12 minutes to afford a Big Mac.

2. And 41.2 hours for an iPhone 6. We know which one we’d rather do.

3. When this sandwich was priced at £85 in Selfridges. 

mostexpensive mcdonald
Imaginatively called ‘Most Expensive Sandwich’. You’d think £85 would at least buy you some creativity. [World’s Luxurious]

4. The realisation that your sad attempt at a soufflé rose more than your salary has in the last three years.

5. The prediction that by 2020 the average house price in London could rise to £1 million. That’s in FIVE YEARS TIME. 

6. This cuppa that costs £9,300. PG Tips – we thought you were better than that.

We’re sure the 280 diamonds sewn into it will really bring out its flavour…[WorldsMostExpensive]

 7. The fact that some restaurants charge an outrageous ‘cakeage’ fee of up to £9 per person to bring their own birthday cake. That would certainly leave us in tiers. 

8. Bacon sandwiches that cost more than the average hourly wage.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 17.42.30
And no, these are not sarnies from the Ritz.


9. When soup costs £108. And doesn’t look remotely appetising. 

BUddha soup-w700-h600
[Book A Table]

10. When a cinema ticket costs you £15.

11. This.

Featured Image Credit: Exotic Street Stars

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